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The digital images of the documents and photos in this Digital Library have been generously shared by private families and many organisations. The originals remain with the families and organisations and we create a high resolution digital image to put online. The clarity of the image reflects the condition of the original as we are unable to carry out any cleaning or preservation of the item before digitising. Our policy is to digitise entire documents without editing or censoring the contents.

All of the people represented on these pages have a connection to Western Australia, either themselves or through their descendents, and their stories are an important part of the history of Western Australia.

When prioritising items to digitise the following selection criteria are applied:

1. There must be a connection between the document and Western Australia.

2. There must be a connection to military service.

3. It must be a document or item from which we can create a digital image.

4. The donor must complete the Digitisation Authority form.

You can help us build this collection. If you have family items that have a military connection, we would love to digitise them for you and include them on this website. Please contact us on [email protected] and your inquiry will be answered by our volunteers as soon as possible.