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The Volunteer Defence Corps(VDC) was a part time, unpaid, volunteer service, modelled on the British Home Guard. It was created on 6th June 1940 at a meeting of the Returned and Services League(RSL) when the men of Western Australia wanted to do something to help defend their country.

Initially it was not recognised, funded or equipped by the regular Army, and the RSL and the volunteers themselves had to provide whatever they needed. In the beginning it was only open to ex-servicemen but that requirement was relaxed by early 1941.

By late 1941, the Army had recognised the value of the Volunteer Defence Corps and took over responsibility for equipping, training and organising the men. It was taken under the umbrella of the Citizen Military Force but with different conditions of service. When the Citizen Military Force went to New Guinea the VDC carried out the CMF home duties and were involved in plane spotting and manning anti-aircraft installations, coast watching and manning the coast defence installations, protecting and patrolling around vital industries.

In Western Australia, the Volunteer Defence Corps was arranged into 16 Battalions. The records of these Battalions can be accessed via the icons on this page. The personal records of VDC members can be accessed via the alphabet tabs. Publications that concern all of the battalions are recorded under the General VDC Photos and Documents tab.

The Volunteer Defence Corps was officially disbanded on 24th August 1945.

VDC members were awarded the Australia Service Medal 1939-1945 for three or more years service.

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