KERBY, Edwin Thomas John

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Original items held by the Army Museum of Western Australia

Major Edwin Thomas John Kerby
Conflict World War 1
Service Arm Australian Imperial Force
Unit 5th Infantry Battalion
8th Infantry Battalion
Service No.
Service Arm Army
Date of Birth 12 Apr 1888
Date of Death 5 July 1971
Relatives Father - James Macklam Kerby
Mother - Margaret Anne Brennan

This diary was written when Edwin Kerby held the rank of Captain in the 5th Infantry Battalion. It is dated 21st December 1914 until 19th January 1916.

Part 1 - 21st December 1914 to 24th April 1915

Part 2 - 24th April 1915 to 10th May 1915

Part 3 - 11th May 1915 to 9th July 1915

Part 4 - 10th July 1915 to 19th January 1916