GILMORE, George - 271843, WX2990

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Original items held by the Army Museum of Western Australia

Sgt George Gilmore
Conflict 2nd Anglo-Boer War
World War 1
World War 2
Service Arm
British Expeditionary Force

Citizen Military Force
Australian Imperial Force

Unit King's Royal Rifle Corps(UK)
11th Battalion CMF; 2/16th Infantry Battalion
Service No. 271843; WX2990
Service Arm Army
Date of Birth 16 Sept 1883
Date of Death 18 July 1974
Relatives Wife - Jessie Isabella Elizabeth Gilmore

George Gilmore joined the King's Royal Rifle Corps after running away from his home in England. In 1902 the Corps was sent to the 2nd Anglo-Boer War. After this conflict ended, George remained in the Army and was stationed in Crete, Malta, Bermuda and India with the Corps. He then fought during WW1 with the King's Royal Rifle Corps.

He emigrated to Australia as part of the Soldier-settler Scheme in 1922. A few years later he joined the Citizen Military Force as part of the 11th Infantry Battalion.

When World War 2 broke out he enlisted in the 2/16th Infantry Battalion and went to Palestine, Syria and New Guinea.

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