FINLAY, Arthur Noel - 109332

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Original items held by the Army Museum of Western Australia

Flying Officer Arthur Noel Finlay
Air Force icon.jpg
Conflict World War 2
Service Arm Royal British Air Force
Service No. Q30674, 109332
Service Arm Air Force
Date of Birth 25 Dec 1903
Date of Death
Relatives Wife - Frances Finlay

Arthur Finlay first joined up with the 11th Infantry Brigade but was discharged after 6 weeks of training. He then applied to join the Australian Air Force but failed the medical due to his flat feet. Refusing to take no for an answer, he successfully applied to the British Royal Air Force as part of the 224 (Fighter) Group, which was formed in February 1942 in Singapore.

A detailed account of POW conditions was written by CHISOLM, Graham - 9150, VX51176 and can be read in full on his page. Arthur Finlay (nickname Huck) is mentioned and the relevant pages are copied here.