DONNELLY, Frederick Horace Christopher - 5924, 3420

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Original items held by the Army Museum of Western Australia

Pte/Leading Aircraftman Frederick Horace Christopher Donnelly
Conflict World War 2
Service Arm Australian Army
World War 2 - Royal Australian Air Force
Unit Royal Australian Artillery Regiment
5th Personnel Depot
Service No. 5924, 3420
Service Arm Army, Airforce
Date of Birth 5 July 1911
Date of Death 14 Aug 1956
Relatives Father - Christopher Joseph Donnelly

Certificate of Discharge from the Permanent Forces so that Frederick could sign up for the Australian Imperial Force.

Notes regarding the Donnelly family given by the donor

A copy of the book "From The Australian Front - Shrapnel and Smiles", published in October 1917 by Cassell and Company. This was a gift book for Australian Soldiers on the Western Front and is a collection of official photographs, cartoons and sketches by members of the A.I.F.

From The Australian Front