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The names of the various units of the Citizen Military Force have changed many times over the years. This page is a "work in progress" and information will be regularly added to create a comprehensive summary of information.

Year Mounted Troops Infantry Infantry Infantry Infantry Infantry Field Artillery Field Artillery Garrison Artillery Engineers Service/Pay Corps Ordnance Admin/Training
1901 WA Mounted Infantry 1st Bttn Infantry Brigade 2nd Bttn Infantry Brigade 3rd Bttn Infantry Brigade 4th Bttn Infantry Brigade 5th Bttn Infantry Brigade No. 1 Battery Field Artillery No. 2 Battery Field Artillery Albany Volunteer Garrison Artillery
1903 18th Light Horse 11th Infantry Regiment 11th Infantry Regiment 1st Bttn WA Infantry Regiment 2nd Bttn WA Infantry Regiment OR Goldfields Infantry Regiment No. 2 WA Battery, Aust Field Artillery No. 1 Aust Garrison Artillery
1911 No. 14 Battery Aust Field Artillery No. 13 Company Aust Garrison Artillery No. 12 Company Aust Garrison Artillery
1912 25th Light Horse 88th Infantry 86th Infantry 88th Infantry 86th Infantry 84th Infantry 12th Garrison Artillery 11th Garrison Artillery
1913 No.14 + No. 20 Battery Aust Field Artillery
1914 No. 37 + No. 38 Battery AFA
1918 10th Light Horse 2nd Bttn 11th Infantry Regiment 2nd Bttn 16th Infantry Regiment 2nd Bttn 11th Infantry Regiment 28th Infantry Regiment 2nd Bttn 2nd Pioneer Regiment
1921 28th Bttn Swan Reg
1927 11th Bttn City of Perth Reg
1965 7th + 8th Field Batteries
1976 A Sqn 10th Light Horse 7th Field Battery, 3rd Field Regiment