CANTWELL, Albert Richard - 2761

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Original items held by a member of the community

Sgt Albert Richard Cantwell
Conflict World War 1
Service Arm Australian Imperial Force
Unit 39th Infantry Battalion
Service No. 2761
Service Arm Army
Date of Birth 1880
Date of Death 19 Aug 1927
Relatives Father - Richard Cantwell
Mother - Emma Morse
Wife - Sarah Johnson

These photo postcards were sent between Albert and his family.

Letter written 31 May 1916

Letter written 31 July 1916

Letter written 27 August 1916

Letter written 28 December 1916

Letter written 8 January 1917

Letter written 23 January 1917

Letter written 13 March 1917

Letter written 31 January 1918.

Letter written 20 March 1918.

undated notes

Letter written 9 August 1919 by a fiend, George Teede

This booklet was produced by the Cape Peninsula Publicity Association in South Africa and was handed to troops when they stopped in Cape Town on their way to Europe.