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The Western Australian Military Digital Library is a joint project of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc (trading as FamilyHistoryWA) and the Army Museum of Western Australia Foundation with the purpose to create a digital public library relating to Western Australia’s military heritage.

The vision is to create a digital public library that reveals the many unique and previously unseen historical records and personal papers relating to Western Australia’s military heritage in order to make them freely and widely accessible to a state, national and international audience.'


The Army Museum of Western Australia (AMWA) was established in 1977 and is in the heritage listed Artillery Barracks in Burt Street, Fremantle, Western Australia. AMWA has five established public galleries and military hardware located on the parade grounds and in adjacent buildings. AMWA also holds a wide range of artefacts including photographs, personal letters and diaries, general correspondence, military nominal rolls and other items of significance to Western Australian army and family history.

The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc, trading as FamilyHistoryWA, was established in 1979 to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy, and to support members with their genealogical research. This includes a number of special interest groups organised to address a particular area of research. The FamilyHistoryWA ‘Military Special Interest Group’ was formed in late 2015 to assist members researching military ancestors.

In 2016, AMWA requested the assistance of FamilyHistoryWA (FHWA), and specifically the Military Special Interest Group, to digitise and transcribe its extensive collection of historical artefacts, in order to make them publicly and freely available as a community service. The project began informally in February 2017 and a formal agreement between AMWA and FHWA was signed on 28 October 2017.'


The original records are digitised and preserved as high quality images. The images are then uploaded onto this website. They are immediately accessible to any searcher and do not require a membership. Documents such as diaries and letters are then transcribed to enable them to become fully searchable. Each person has their own page on the website and as new records are digitised, links between people and publications are created. If you would like to be involved in any stage of this process please contact the Project Co-ordinators via the Contribute page.


There is no end date for this project. Material is regularly being donated to AMWA and made available to us to digitise. Community members are welcome to offer their own memorabilia to us to add to the site. We do not hold or store the original items so there are no constraints on the size of this Library.'